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i have a couple Mosin rifles, kinda like the 1917 Enfield they grew on me. first one i picked up from a guy walking it through a gunshow..45.00 with 5 boxes of ammo.
ugliest rifle i own, and shoots as good as any milspec bolt gun i own.
its my behind the seat loaner rifle, and i have loaned it out, the look i get is WTF is this..hey..dont forget your ammo, rifle or scope next time,,and each time its taken Elk,
iv truned down some stupid money for it..last offer was well over 600.00
nope..she,s the back up..if you need it. its a killer.
the second is a Remington 1917 model, with sling and bayonet..iv only shot it once, and it shoots very well. better with the bayonet attached i must say.
love them old clunky guns..
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