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Lightbulb Reloading Equipment and Supplies Template Now Available

You can download a first cut at a reloading template from my collection templates page. You will also find instructions for how to import the new Reloading collection type into your copy of NM Collector Software on that same page.

The data for this first cut came from this post: Tracking Reloading Supplies in another forum. Using the data provided, I created the template in a matter of minutes using the approach illustrated in this example for creating a new home inventory collection type. New collection types are so easy to create in NM Collector Software that anybody can create their own custom templates in a matter of minutes.

You can modify this new reloading equipment template it to meet your needs or provide feedback to me so I can modify it and make the modified template available for others to use.

If you want to track your reloads, there is already an ammo template for that.

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