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Originally Posted by Arizona Ben View Post
This is more for me to share the news that I made my first 'pilgrimage' to the CMP store and that I bought my first Garand yesterday. I have some pics of the store and rifle. The old heads around here won't be impressed with the inventory or my rifle, but it sure was fun for me!
Don't sell yourself short - that's a great first report, and your pictures are superb. Thanks for sharing them.

A couple questions:
1 - Do SG rifles ever have refinished metal? The metal parts on mine look very nice. Is it too good to be true that this nice finish is not the original? Refinished while still owned by the Army? I'm assuming the CMP doesn't do any sort of work to SG rifles.
They *can* be refinished, but from US arsenals (Red River, Letterkenny, et al). Arsenal rebuilds are often found among the Service Grades (and I seek them out). I believe your rifle has the original finish.

2 - Is attaining a more authentic finish with a pumpkin stock a realistic goal? I'd like to refinish mine to obtain a more desirable look.
It is doable, but you might be surprised to know that the finish on your stock is very close in color to the USGI birch replacement stocks used during arsenal rebuilds. Here are a couple of pictures of a USGI birch stock I recently bought from Dupage Trading:

The CMP stain is just a bit lighter. You can actually stain the CMP stock to achieve a virtual match - feel free to send me a PM and I'll provide details.

3 - If I'm reading the parts correctly, the barrel and receiver are both 5/55 HRA. Is this anything unique/special to find on a SG rifle?
Matching receivers and barrels area always nice to find in the SG racks!

You made a good choice on your first trip. Congratulations!

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