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Originally Posted by Trooper82 View Post
I've been using NM Collection software for several years and had a bit of problem understanding the date hierarchy, not as familiar as the old dBASE IV I used to use but it seems safe, durable and reliable. Is version 4.0.0 still the current version? My version comes up with 404 error when I check to see if it is current.

Is there a separate product for C&R?
Hi, Sorry I was slow to respond and thanks to Yeoman007 for answering. The current version is 4.0.1 so I will correct that. BTW, I do not get a 404 error for the page that is supposed to come up when you check from within the software. Do you still get that error? It might have been a transitional issue as I migrated all of my web content from my old static web pages to a Content Management System (CMS).

Also, there is not a separate product for C&R - NM Collector carries over the C&R capability that I initially released as NM Gun Collector Software. C&R collectors can use either or both.

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