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Originally Posted by nmCollector View Post
No problem, your question caused me to come up to speed on the issue.

What version of NM Collector Software are you running on your mac?

Clay, I'm not... yet. I was thinking about getting it, but had my previously mentioned reservations. I don't run any software that requires Java, but I've often seen Windows users trying to run a piece of software that required a specific version of Java, only to have the program break when Java updated to a newer version. Having multiple installed versions of Java is both a hassle and a security risk.

However, since you pack the required version with the program, then it doesn't matter which Java version I have, or indeed whether or not I have Java installed. I like your solution as it allows you to update both the program and Java as needed. So I will be downloading and trying your current version just as soon as we finish recovering from our out-of-town holiday guests.

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