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Default To "Correct" a firearm or not?

Hi All,

I think this is a hard question to answer! I'm thinking about having just one "CORRECT" as issued firearm.
I have a # of old US military firearms. I'm a average shooter. I buy a firearm from the CMP. clean it & shoot it. I ENJOY shooting & having a part of history!
It is a ALWAYS a functional firearm, (NOT a SAFE QUEEN) the mixed parts are part of it's total history to date! IF a part needs to be replaced I do it.
I have a collector pal that is a "CORRECT" as issued type of guy. It works for him.
My question is:

Can I /WE ever recoup the amount of money we drop into a mismatched firearm to at least break even. Is it just the satisfaction of the search for parts? Can we gain a eventual bonus in price, if we put it up for sale. Added: I'm a old guy & don't have much time left. I want to leave info for the family, so they can get a fair price for my hobby stuff.

Thanks for any thoughts on this subject,

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