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Default 1911 Notification and Order Process FAQ

Ok people, it does no good calling and emailing us to see if you missed our call or you think you deleted our email. All that does is takes time away from processing orders. We can't help that your voicemail / email is full, just delete some. If we call you and it goes to voicemail, we will leave a detailed message on what you need to do and how to contact us and you have 5 business days to do so. If you do not have voicemail, we will attempt to contact you several times and if still unable to contact you will move to the next packet. Just because you receive an email stating you have been assigned a RNG #, does not mean we are going to call you in the next few days. It could take anywhere between 30-90 days. Once we do call you and take your payment information it also could take 30-90 days to charge your card and ship your pistol. Once your pistol is shipped you will receive an email telling you it has shipped and to let your FFL know it will be there the next day. WE WILL NOT SENT YOU THE FEDEX TRACKING NUMBER. We did this at first until we had a customer call the FedEx hub and request that they hold his package at the hub and he would pick it up that weekend. He was trying to go around the FFL. We are smarter than we look
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