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Originally Posted by BobJ50 View Post
Time to get out the sack-cloth and ashes. The weeping and gnashing of teeth is going to be unbearable.
Pitchforks and torches are optional and unhappy "Colt" buyers can meet in the CMP M1911 parking lot 30 days after pistols are received.
Originally Posted by Medic! View Post
As to guns leaving the factory without the matching slide?

Who cares. There is no way to prove when a slide was separated from a frame.
It just make's a collector pass it buy.
Originally Posted by RazorBurn View Post
Trying to figure out when the last time I saw someone detail stripping a slide to see if the numbers matched at a gun shop, gun show, etc... Good luck getting permission to do that.

I do understand wanting the frame and slide to match, but that would be comparable to a needle in the proverbial haystack. I can see why the OP wants to try to trade his slide for one that is numbers matching to his. Numbers matching will bring more money. Gonna be hard for someone to ID their slide as matching to his without knowing his serial number though...
I was pretty clear what this thread was for. If you guys want to add nothing but commentary from the cheap seats, start your own thread elsewhere. This thread is to serve as data for those with serial numbered slides, akin to the WIN/SA duplicate SN thread.

Again, if you have nothing to add, please leave.
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