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Default 1911 Colt (produced in 1914)

I need the advise of the forum. I'm looking for a USGI barrel for a 1911 Colt produced in 1914, if possible, to replace the original, when shooting on rare occasion. The current barrel's rifling is a bit weak but very visible and clear of any corrosion. If I have to go after market from a price a standpoint Sarco leads the pack but I'm hearing I'll need a gunsmith to install any aftermarket barrel. She's a family heirloom with provenance back to my grandfather ( grand dad served in WWI as a Cpt. and was allowed to purchase his side arm for service rendered).Yes,I have the receipt.He supposedly fired it frequently afterwards as did my father, I'm 66 and starting to thin the herd to my sons. I know either one will fire her hence the research to find a barrel. I thank you for any help.Try to find an affordable replacement or just pass he on as is?

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