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Originally Posted by skohler View Post
Thanks for posting this Steelap.
I know Scott and the linked post above has wise advice. Zevo- did you read through this? I'm not trying to pass myself off as some sort of expert, but the folks in the link are the experts on vintage pre WW2 1911's.

I don't have any sort of vested interest in the OP shooting or not, just hoping to pass along good informed consent for him to ponder.
Yes sir. That is an excellent explanation. There were one or two minor items in some of the posts I donít agree with, but that, in my opinion, is a great presentation. There is no denying that with any firearm the next shot could be the last, than that chance is affected by many factors, some easily determined and many not.
The only thing I would suggest is that, regarding parts wear, and the known slide stop and similar areas on 1911s, a respectful owner/shooter will pay attention to these and react accordingly. Shooting until it fails with no regard to wear and condition is foolish.


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