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actually, surplus (i.e. "good deal" implies not expensive) .308 projectiles are sorta hard to come by these days. Throwing "match grade" into the mix brings the paradigm closer to IMPOSSIBLE. Of course "match grade" can mean different things to different people. To me, match grade means BULLETS properly loaded in a 1-MOA +/- capable weapon shooting into 1.5 MOA or LESS.

If you are talking about pulled GI M2 and pulled 7.62 147s, or Winchester, etc. commercial "bulk" 150 FMJ, personally, I would not waste my time, powder, or primers with this 3MOA junk.

If match grade really means match use capable,then the Hornaday Match Blems you used to see for 12 bucks per 100 are LONG LONG LONG GONE. Likewise, pulled USGI M72 (often not even 1.5 moa capable anyway) has not been readily available for years.

Frankly, for the last couple years, I have been buying various commercial hunting bullets from the dusty back rows of various guns shops for 10-12 bucks per 100. Mostly 150 grain soft points etc. that someone has forgotten to re-sticker with a higher price. Speers especially are usuallyvery accurate. I have enough "real" match bullets around for another generation or so,but for accurate plinking, I load these up.

I would also add that the YUGOSLAVIAN bullets you see touted in various venues as "match" grade ( ) little hint, they ain't match grade and some is resized 7,62X54R. Of course, you can buy 500 and see if they work out. You pays your money..

At 18.00 per 100 (or more) for this Yugo stuff, you are better off buying Remington Core-Lokts (150 or 165s) from Midway for 21-22 per 100. These bullets are in fact capable of around 1.5MOA, sometimes better.

My .02 anyway, maybe someone else has some better ideas or you could CLARIFY what you mean.. good luck either way.

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