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Originally Posted by chevycrazy69 View Post
Try Nolsers web site. They have 155 gr and 168 gr match bullets for about $180 per 1K. Midway sometimes has them for about that price too. I have used both and the 168's are just as good as the Sierra 168 MK in my garands. I have not had as much luck with the 155's but I have not worked with them as much. I think I need to push them a little harder.
the best deal on Noslers is gonna be around 250.00 per thousand (I just bought 500 from a individual seller on another forum for a great deal). Days of low prices are long gone and Nosler isn't likely to go back below this price considering the current Obama-induced panic/hording.

I agree that the 155s tend to be a bit more finicky on loads than the 168s. In this respect, the Hornaday and Nosler comp bullets in general also tend to need a bit more tweaking than Sierras for best accuracy (at least in my experience). However, they are indeed "match" grade bullets and at 25.00 per 1000, may be the very best option out there. especially considering that SMKs are "discount/sale" priced at 35.00 these days! Sheesh.

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