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Originally Posted by 5 x 5 View Post
Hah! If it gets me tight groups at 100yds I would be happy.

The field grades might gauge 3 or more. How much will that affect accuracy?

Doesn't anybody fire their Garands? How do your field grades do at the range?

What do you consider tight groups???
Yes, Field Grade muzzles can grade more than three, as I have said before I have seen them gauge 6-7 which would affect accuracy .
Stock fit also has a huge affect on accuracy. FG's will usually have worn loose stocks
Asking how others FG rifles are at the range is no different than asking what do the FG's look like that are being shipped.
You CANNOT judge what you will get by what someone else has received, accuracy wise or cosemetic.
Seems like we keep going in circles on the subject
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