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Originally Posted by AWOhio View Post
I got my HRA the other week, love it. Like a brand new rifle except for a few scuffs and wear marks on the metal.

I did some browsing on the forum here, but didn't find an answer. So what is the deal with the HRAs? How did CMP come to have a batch like new barreled receivers that had no wood?

My only guess is that there were crates of unfinished barreled receivers that never got put into stocks.
Orest posted that they found the rifles missing only stocks and stock metal which they have replaced with the newly manufactured stocks and stock metal.
The remaining parts are in "Collector" grade condition. The HRASS is the best buy at the moment. The 4 I have purchased all have as new old stock metal. Barrels have gone through the classic barrel break in. Groups tighten up around the 150 rd mark. Buy quick before they run out! Wait time is about 35 days now.
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