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Big difference between the Service Grade Specials and the CMP Specials - even if the price is only $50 different.

The SGS are as stated collector grade except for brand new stocks. Problem is that they are only avail in post korea serial #s for both SA and HRA.

The CMP Specials are refinished receivers (and possibly other parts such as OpRods & Trigger housings) with a brand new Criterion barrel and new stock (same stock as the SGSs) and a sling, a fully outfitted rifle. You can get WW2 SAa in this grade, but the receiver has been refinished.

Think logically about it. WW2 receivers got the most use; post Korea receivers (and the whole rifle) got hardly any use.

Logically there would be a higher proportion of post Korea SAs and HRAs that would have seen little if any peacetime use and NO wartime use. That's why the rifles (minus the stocks) are so nice and why they never got rebuilt at arsenals - they never needed to be re-built! The stocks however would still have suffered through and simple handling if nothing else. That's why there are no corrects or collectors right now (auction only - whenever). It's also why so many regular Service Grades are getting new (birch) stocks, the wood stocks just didn't hold up like the steel.

WW2s, on the other hand (and the few Korean ware made ones), got LOTS of use, barrels had to be replaced, receivers went through several winters in wartime, so everything got worn, and pitted. So a WW2 comes in, basically OK, but barrel is pitted out and receiver has almost no finish. Or the barrel was replaced and the receiver was refinished during a depot rebuild.

The ones with depot replaced barrels become SGs or FGs and the ones that need new barrels become CMP Specials.

It's all quite logical, my dear Watson.
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