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Just got back from the auction.

Winchester M1-$1750
Springfield M1-$950
M1 Carbine Underwood-$525

The Winchester was really nice, I think someone got a good deal on it. Really nice stock on it with deep clear stamps.
The Springfield is an overpriced parts gun IMO. It had that nasty Century Arms import mark on the left side of the receiver, looked like a 4year old wrote it. Parts value from what I could see, was around $600-$850.
The Underwood looked great, but don't know enough about them to say how good a deal it was.
The 1911 was in great shape, looked like a repark to me, but I don't know enough about them, looked like someone else did for that price.
Looking for: S/N 352, S/N 211984, S/N 2011984

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