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I always tell a new shooter not to spend too much money on a .22 if his goal is just to shoot good scores. Some shooters like to own something really nice, or love the history of an old pistol, and that's fine. But to shoot .22 pistol well you don't need much.

.22 pistols are in an odd category because they're all pretty much equally accurate. Clamped in a vise, a $300 Ruger or Buckmark will typically shoot about as well as a $2500-3000 Feinwerkbau, Pardini, or Hammerli. What you do get for 8-10x the cost is an adjustable orthopedic grip (which will often be ill-fitting if you eat too much salty food or the outside temperature changes), an adjustable trigger, and really nice sights (the rear sight knotch width on an AW93 is adjustable). With the Pardini and Feinwerkbau you also get a bunch of weights on springs up front to minimize the punishing .22 recoil (critical in Olympic Rapid Fire, but unnecessary for CMP .22--there is plenty of time).

The only reason you don't see too many HM/MA types shooting Rugers or Buckmarks is because they don't want to look like they're showboating, or they're trying to justify $2500 pistols that they bought for NRA Bullseye (their "real jobs"), but just stuffed into the back of the safe. That's why you see a bunch of oddball pistols roll out for CMP .22 (Sako Tri-Ace anyone?). Like Distinguished Revolver, CMP .22 is considered a "fun match" by a lot of Bullseye shooters.
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