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Originally Posted by bpm32 View Post
My goal here wasn't to disparage European pistols, and my apologies if I offended anyone. We are part of the same community, know the same people, and I would never want to insult anyone for the pistol he shoots. My goal was only to assure a new shooter that he had plenty of gun to be competitive.

It is, and always has been, about the shooter.
No doubt and no argument. I didn't think you were disparaging the European pistols, I just don't think they're equal. No worries. Joe has been shooting his Hammerli for years since the USAF Team, so I wouldn't think he would get rid of his 208s, heck I think there are interservice records he broke with Rich Kang used to have a Nelson and Jon Eullete uses a Pardini, which he had at the last match and ran like a scalded dog. Are you thinking of Jon Shue? I believe he uses a Pardini, I moved from VA, but he was at the Pardini store and I think he has one. John Hollingshead used to like the 22/45 and recommended it during his clinic to new shooters along with the Buckmark. Those guys are animals. I think they could break 2600 with rubber band guns.

I use a Nelson conversion because of some great mentorship from Rich, its not as good as the European, but I'm more comfortable with it, but I'm starting the youngster on a Pardini. Nicer equipment makes things easier, but absolutely agree, you can't buy points. I'm only about 10% - 15% better with my conversion over the 22/45, but I can keep my scores up easier with it so I prefer it and it has feed issues.

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