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Originally Posted by Danny View Post
Today was a great day. Lots of nice SA Service Grade and Field Grade. I ended up picking up and tagging two SA Field Grades I had seen two weeks ago, when I had bought another rifle. One of the rifles was a 300,000 era rifle that I had a hard time deciding upon taking between it and the one I took. The guys at the counter told me to take both, which I didn't, so it is odd that I ended up finding it again. I was all set to take it, but decided to look at the service grades. I picked and tagged about 3-4, then selected one of them. It is a 5.81 SA that looks original other than the wood and metal, Op Rod (a very nice IHC) and trigger group. Barrel is a nice 3-55 and Bolt is A-15. Based on the $100.00 difference between Field and Service, I chose the Service Grade on economics over the Field Grade. I was getting a new CMP Stock vs. the beat USGI, a matching bolt and barrel, and a nice Gas Cylinder. The Field had a saw cut Gas Cylinder, which I detest. I would have had more than $100.00 in the Field Grade to get it where the Service Grade is. Most of the Service Grade seems to be original finish.
Rather than a personal shopping report, could you give us a store report?
Any 1903's there? How many Service and Field Grades? Any report on condition or stocks with catouches ? Any hint of anymore deliveries this year?.......etc.
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