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Default NS report 11/16/2019

I drove up to the North Store this morning, arriving at 9am to find one person already in the store. No bolt rifles were present but there are IHC service grades, one or two WRA service grades, and regular service grades which were mainly SA and only two HRAs. One of the HRAs had 0-66 etched behind the rear sight. I found a nice 2.2m SA SG with -12 bolt, -3 op rod, and WWII barrel that measured 0 at the muzzle. I was going to buy it but a young man was looking for his first Garand and wanted a WWII rifle, so I let him purchase it. It should be a good shooter.

There are still some nice IHC SG rifles there with CMP wood. Most had LMR barrels. Everyone should be aware that the CMP had very few IHCs for decades, and now they are here, staring you in the face. The regular SGs were a mix - I would say that 20% are good and the rest have some issue that would prevent me from buying them. For example, about half had muzzles with nicks or other issues. Some had been refinished with a light silver like finish. This is my observation from a full rack of SGs on one side of the rack, so it is a small sample size. I looked at the rack grade specials and I did not see anything I would buy since the parts had rust or patina as some people call it. For instance some of the rack grades had rusty elevation or windage knobs. I would have to replace those parts to feel comfortable using the sights in competition. The IHC SG 308 specials are much better although they are $1250 and have weak heel stamps. There were some field grades there but I think you would have to rebarrel all of them. It has always been difficult to find a good field grade.

I would suggest you make a trip to the NS and check out the Garands. You might find something nice in the service grades or specials. I always find something worth buying.
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