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Originally Posted by Big_Red View Post
Glad you were able to recover your money.
And its unfortunate the one forum was not more understanding of your efforts...these are niche markets and the scammers that prey upon them frequent many different sites dedicated to them, so the more awareness the better. Vast majority of the scammers identified here have tried on other sites...matter of fact, members here have identified some of them from those sites.

I am not sure how credit card disputes work, but if I had to guess

- I do not have to pay the money, but he still gets to keep the money? (I mean how would they collect the money from him?)

With reference to the other forum, I am simply astounded that they have no interest in providing this information to their members. Of course, this is the primary reason I am no longer a member there. I will NOT participate in a forum that cares so little for their own members.

I agree completely with your comment about the "niche markets". It is not like we are talking about table napkins that everybody uses. The buyers for such odd and unique items as 120mm APCSDS projectiles is extremely small.

The good news is that the buyers for this type of item are also well informed within their own community - well . . . except the folks on that one forum.
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