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Originally Posted by Herrmann View Post
You bunch of sentimental jarheads. 4 years USAF and I never once slept on the ground or ate a cold meal. Eat your hearts out!!!!!!!
Hi Sir,

You were TRULY blessed! I /WE thank you for your service!

We have to thank all of the troops that win a battle, the supply people , artillery units, ALL the medical people that support your unit, the Navy the Air Force the Coast Guard that put people on the beach or help cross rivers.

On the other hand my uncle & many thousands like him was in the front line in Europe & the Pacific for over a solid month. He ate only K & C rations the entire time- wore the same clothes till they came apart.
They slept in a fox hole or depression on rocky ground half filled with water many times.
They had to resort to taking usable cloths off the dead or wounded.
As they were being removed for burial or to a field hospital's & medical ships off shore.
Yes, you were truly blessed & I'm sure you would have put up with the rough going too, if you had to.

Enjoy every day,
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