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Originally Posted by Fr8dog View Post
When we were “really” in trouble we called for Arty.
Because the Infantry is known as the Queen of Battle and the artillery’s role is “to put the balls where the Queen wants them”.
There is also an old military saying about Field Artillery that states, “Artillery lends dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.”

Hi Fr8dog,

I have a few pals that were in Vietnam for more then one tour. Artillery saved their backsides a few times. Very close in fire support on one occasion all night long.
The near by artillery units put the shells in EXACTLY the right place & the forward observer never made a grid error.

By the way, I'm sure all of you know about the Army & Marine Helicopter pilots, machine gunners & aircraft repair crews that kept them in the air.
They did many impossible feats day after day!
It could be supply, recon. fire support or getting the wounded off the field as soon as humanly possible.

GOD Bless ALL of them,
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