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Default To correct!

To answer this, you need to think/define "value". Is money the value, or is the rifle and it's history the value? The both play a role, really can't have one without the other, unless you came onto a lucky find!

However, I remember a post on jousters, years back, where someone said about paying to much for a gun, " you never pay to much, just paid it to early " , or the guys on American Pickers, " if you haven't seen it before, you better get it when you do!".

My 03's all, except one, have had some kind of part replacement from arsenal overhaul, and that's part of their life, I leave them as such! I can tell you from experience, if any firearm has been in a Marine unit, parts have been mixed!! That's part of their life!

I read the books, inform the kids of the gun's history, and they're happy with that!! All these old guns are valuable!
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