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Default HELP needed for 4H Shooting Sports Club in Union County Ohio

My wife and I are advisors for a 4H Shooting Sports Club in Mahoning County, Ohio. We rely heavily upon direct discounts from ammunition manufacturers and grants to supply ammo for these kids to shoot. This afternoon I received an email from another club in Union County Ohio asking for help locating .22 LR ammo. they have 14 kids taking RIFLE project and can't find ammo to buy. Does anyone live near them that could sell them some .22 ammo for these kids? Or does anyone know of any retail establishments in that area that have it for sale? I can forward any info at all to help them. Unfortunately all our grants and direct discounts are already accounted for this year. We had to apply back in October and November for those programs and they missed that boat....I'm trying to hook them up. Any help at all appreciated. thanks
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