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Default It is difficult to buy 22 lr ammo

It is difficult to find 22 lr ammo...
...without paying internet retailer scalper prices or too-high shopping costs. I will you how I supplied my county 4H program for a year, until Federal walked in and saved us with their Allocation Program.

The trick to buying .22lr ammo locally is to know if and when a truck with ammo has arrived at your WalMart, then get to the store before everyone else. I've heard of people in line from 3:30 a.m. onwards.

There is a three box limit at Walmart which means buying as few as 3x50=150 rounds, or as many as 3x1000 = 3000 rounds per person per day. Usually my store has a crowd of six to ten guys in line by a 6:30 or a quarter to seven, and the sporting goods manager sets ammo out shortly after 7 a.m.

Use the Walmart smartphone app (or better yet, an in-store spy) to search for "22 lr" after about 10 pm. If no truck is unloading, and/or no ammo is coming in, the app's message will be "Out of Stock". (Note: the Wally web page will not work for this, only the phone app).

If ammo has arrived, the phone app should say "Availability Unknown", or rarely "Limited Stock". Those phrases indicate that a truck has checked in, and ammo will be available the next morning or afternoon, depending on what time that particular Wally stocks up their Sporting Goods.

IF AMMO IS IN THE STORE it will be brought out from the lock cage whenever your Wally stocks their ammo counter. The stocking time for mine is 7-7:15 am each morning, assuming a truck brought some in the night before.

The best ammo to find is Winchester M-22 because it is sold 1000 rounds per box, so one can buy 3 boxes = 3000 rounds. BUT and this is a big one, my Wally normally only gets 4000 rounds per shipment of M-22, so first in line gets 3000, second gets 1000, third gets nothing but sore feet from waiting in line. Next best to buy is any of the Federal 550 round bulk packs, for similar reasons that one can buy 1650 rounds if all 3 boxes are available. The worst is any ammo sold by the box of 50, such as Federal Lightning, an otherwise good practice round.

BTW in my experience don't bother with Winchester X-Pert - even though it is a bulk pack, the ammo itself is so very lousy it is not worth buying except to re-sell to your worst enemy.

Also, don't get mad at the people in line. They are not evil price-gougers like the internet retailers who jumped their prices from $20/brick to $100/brick overnight - they are just regular folks trying to make their grocery bill, working a sort of 'second job', and making way less than minimum wage (if they honestly account for their hours and expenses). Waiting in line to buy ammo to resell will get you very tired very fast, and keep you poor. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
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