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Originally Posted by CAL D-9 View Post
Is that all Kynoch or just this batch? I have some 1953 Kynoch and haven't had any issues. This is the first time I've heard this. Thanks, Carl.
I bought several cans of 250rd belted Kynoch K-53 when the CMP offered it back in approx 2010. It was most definitely non-corrosive with very brittle berdan primed brass. I shot quite a bit of it in my 0A3s and 1917s. Ended up several split cases, and not a speck of corrosion from it. It was originally MG ammo- you can tell it packs a bit more of a punch than HXP or LC does. Firing a few rounds through a Garand would probably be ok, but no way I'd put a large amount of it through an M1.
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