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I think it is perception more than any physical difference. The concrete slab for the firing line has a slight forward slope that appears to be about 5 degrees or so changing to probably 15 or so degrees in front of the firing line. That slight forward slope made me 'feel' like I was shooting downhill. I do believe that the targets at 200 are considerably lower than what many are used to seeing on ranges with pits.

For a XTC match, if I remember correctly the targets for all 3 distances are up for the entire match. So you would have to make some allowance so that targets at each distance are clear of the one in front of it. The easiest way to balance it would be to put 300 at eye level with the firing line and 200 slightly below and 600 slightly above.

Some basic trig would indicate that an 11 degree difference would not be realistic. A difference that large would make the 600 yard target appear to be 174 feet above the 300 yard target.

Just going from memory it would make sense that there is about a 3 degree difference between 200 and 600 with 200 being about 1.5 below 300 and 600 being about 1.5 above. That would give them the appearance that 300 is about 20 feet above 200 and 600 is about 20 feet above 300.

Does my math sound correct? It's been a long time since I did basic trig in the 7th or 8th grade.

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