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Originally Posted by jsudduth View Post
I think it is perception more than any physical difference. The concrete slab for the firing line has a slight forward slope that appears to be about 5 degrees or so changing to probably 15 or so degrees in front of the firing line. That slight forward slope made me 'feel' like I was shooting downhill. I do believe that the targets at 200 are considerably lower than what many are used to seeing on ranges with pits.
I agree totally that it is perception, and after shooting there a few times I was also of the belief that the firing line is sloped. Was told by Top that it was in fact perfectly level, and I was so incredulous that I put my own level on it. The firing line is in fact absolutely, perfectly level. It absolutely feels like you're sloping forward because the concrete in front of the firing line slopes downward at a good angle. You are in fact standing on perfectly level concrete, however, when you are firing.

It was also explained to us, if I understood correctly, that the 200 yard targets were exactly 2.5 degrees lower than the firing line, the 300 yard targets were exactly level with the firing line, and the 600 yard targets are exactly 2.5 degrees above the firing line.

Not stating any of this as gospel, as this is merely my recollection of what we were told by Top, but it seems to be pretty close if it's not exact.
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