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Stopped this mooring(late) almost rack full of SG IHC (more then hafe with correct LMR barrels) Saw an SA 3-53 Barrel too(looked correct with IHC Punch) Also a rack of SG WRA, None with correct barrels(maybe one before i got there was correct?) Rack full of new rebuilt 308,s Very nice-- and field grade of same thing in 30-06( i think) Hafe rack of them-- C,s and D,s snipers(Lots) And three full racks of Drill Garands (about hafe with weld in op rod channel) I took home drill 3,87 mil SA Now too find 5-45 barrel- rack of 1903 A3 Drills too- Bob was much happier with real customers ,and good stuff too sell- Roger
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