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Default Military Silhouette at Ridgway 2016

The military matches at Ridgway have been an ongoing event since I last posted here. In fact there were signs of an uptick in interest last year. This may have been due to the liberalization of the match format starting last year, which retains the traditional NRA Silhouette-style class, but also has a class allowing virtually any safe shooting position. My goal isn't to necessarily promote Silhouette or CMP shooting. Rather, it's about promoting responsible recreational use of firearms and exposing less experienced shooters to competition in a more gentle way.

The dates for 2016 are May 15, August 14, and October 16 and I refer you to the match program on the Ridgway Rifle Club website for more details. Although the new one hasn't been posted as of this writing, there haven't been any major changes since last year.

- Brian Wakefield
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