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Originally Posted by PFC W View Post
We were at the South Store this morning and, I found a 44 FG with correct bbl that will go with a 44 Jeep. We were shocked to learn that CMP would NOT ship (even though the price includes shipping) AND you then have to pay the 10% sales tax. Before we left Mike was able to get a concession to ship for anyone that came by air and could show a ticket. A fellow that came on a motorcycle might have been able to get an exception also, but hadn't when we left. Mike was also trying to get the situation changed.

Everyone should check on the latest and be prepared!

Did I miss a memo or something?
For what it's worth at the GCA meeting at Talladega on Sept 24th the CMP had a sale set up in one of the classrooms in the clubhouse. Lots of interesting FGs. Anyway we were told they wanted us to pay for the rifles including sales tax and take them with us. They did not want to ship but their computer was down for taking credit/debit cards. I was told I could write a check but didn't have my checkbook with me. They ended up shipping rifles and ammo for most people I think. It sounded to me like they didn't want to but the computer problem forced them to. Then I never received the usual tracking numbers, I emailed customer service for them but got no response. No idea what is going on with this.
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