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Alabama State sales tax is 4%. The counties and cities set their own rates.
It adds up to 10% in Anniston, 9% in Huntsville, for example. Residents of Alabama must pay the 4% on all purchases even if shipped. Shipping does save the other 6% but that is not a loophole and consider that shipping is included and the 4% is includes the amount of shipping as well. If one pays the shipping and elects to take the rifle with them, then the 10% IS charged. If you pay the shipping and don't ship it, that is up to you to decide, except for today, when there were no options.
Also consider that if a person is from another state and has the rifle shipped to that state, there is NO sales tax charged.
Georgia residents, for example, could be from as close as 35-40 miles from the store, have the rifle shipped, and there is no tax. Not a loophole either, just the way the laws are.
I don't have a problem with it, I just would have liked to have known in advance that that was the way it was going to be.