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Gator .....

First of all go to the 3-P page here on the CMP website and get the rulebook ... it will flesh out some of the answers in more detail

1) The 3-P Air Rifle is mostly meant for juniors, but there is no prohibition of having an "open" adult age group. Junior Age groups closely follow the USA Shooting junior groups (roughly):
AG1 - 17-18
AG2 - 15-16
AG3 - Below 15
USAS defines the age groups by the specific year they were born in

2) Sanctioning body for 3-P Air Rifle is the CMP (see rulebook above). Sanctioning body to "Olympic" style (offhand - W40 shots, M60 shots) is USA Shooting. The NRA also has Sporter & Precision rules. My suggestion is that if you are going to shoot 3-P air (sporter) use the CMP as the NGB as the rules are (so very) slightly tighter ... whatever you do in CMP rules is OK in the NRA rules, but not vice-versa for the most part.

3) Air rifle is an indoor event for the most part, so traps probably required. Commercial ones such as the Creedmore system down to build your own are available. Again CMP has a page with this info:
as well as the Ol' Mill Range website: (has plans & coaching ideas)

4) See the various rulebooks and coaching resources. Rimfire sporter would be "interesting" for the rapid fire stages. The 3-P gallery targets provide plenty of challenge. If the kids like "action" get the NRA silhouette rulebook and shoot silhouettes ... Crosman makes air rifle versions

5) Comps are all over the USA.
See the CMP Air Rifle page and look at the upcoming comps and also the results. I have a 4-H club and we compete directly against the JROTC programs here in NM. Fun for all!

6) OK Indianapolis .... I'd see if you can contact Jay Vergenz who is in your area ... he helped me when I got started
jverg at att dot net
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