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Default Thanks 1911 Auction team!

Hello Everyone,

Here is my 1911 auction story in a nutshell.

I missed out on many of the wonderful items CMP has sold within the past 20 years due to combat deployments.
So for this last go round with the 1911's I was NOT gonna miss movement on this one. Well I did, I was not able to get my paperwork in due to you guessed it, I was downrange.
I returned and kept my eye on the forum and knew they would start to auction. I saw one in the second go round and fell in love.
So I jumped on the auction and put in my max that I was gonna go for a pistol that has been in the possession of the US Government since it was made in 1917. To me that is worth it. I won. I picked her up last Friday and could not be happier.

Thanks CMP!


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