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Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
It was not with the 6 millions. I don't remember the exact price or the serial number range. I want to say a bit more than $3000, but don't hold me to that. I just knew it was out of reach for me and to be honest, probably deserved to go to a much more knowledgeable collector.

That is the right price for Correct grade..

Originally Posted by Hvychevy View Post
Are the Krags in Carbine or Rifle form?
How do they look?
How many are left?
Rifles, there were 10 this morning, no expert but seemed to be pretty nice for 120 years old, unknown number remaining...

Originally Posted by PH68 View Post
That is the right price for Collector grade..
There was ONE Correct Grade SA today that showed up in new inventory and it sold at around 3000.00.... havenít seen one of these for awhile in the store...

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