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I made the trip to Talladega yesterday and Bobby from the South Store was the armeror, and is an outstanding gentleman and very knowledgable. The SA Correct Grade was there, it was in the rack behind the counter and I looked it over. It was a 1945 and very nice. The stock cartouches were especially good. I left it for someone else and picked up a '43 SA with correct barrel as well as one of the 6 millions that was a LEAD rebuild with a '64 barrle. Lots of really nice rifles. There were 6 1917' when I arrived (5 Eddy's and 1 Remington), but the Remington sold while I was looking over the correct grade. The are some nice 1903's, all had S stocks but one SA with a C stock yesterday. I made the trip to get a Remington 1903 and got a very nice one. I saw a very nice 1903A3, but looked past it as I did not know I could get both a 1903 and a 1903A3. Oh well. I had a wonderful visit and am very happy with the rifles I brought home and very appreciative for all the good folks at teh CMP do to keep these historical arms available to us. Finally, a huge thanks to Mr. Tom Taylor for his reports.
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