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Default Youth - 4H

Deprnding upon you state, 4-H also has a good shooting sports program.
See if your County has a program.

3rd grade through high school, in 3 primary age groups.
Basically by age, but more or less Juniors (3-5 grade), Intermediate (6-8 grade), and high school which can also be split into Senior 1 & Senior 2.

In Texas we also issues medals to kids in this manner.
Example: 60 kids in a match of same age group. (No kids are classified before match, they all shoot, then split into class for medals.
Class 1 (Top 20 kids +/-)
Class 2 (Middle 20 kids +/-)
Class 3 (Beginners kids +/-)

Medals and/or ribbons for each class.

Starting out in shooting sports it is a good organization to promote a positive experience for the kids. Kids like the Silhouette events, since they fall over. Until kids are hooked on shooting, you will lose kids because they think it is slow and boring.

4-H Has events in:
BB Gun,
Air Rifle Program - Sporter, 3P, Silhouette
Air Pistol Program - Precision, Slow, Timed,Rapid, and Silhouette
Small Bore Rifle Program - Sporter, 3P, Silhouette
Small Bore Program - Precision, Slow, Timed,Rapid, CMP, and Silhouette
Center fire pistol - Precision, Slow, Timed, Rapid,
45 Pistol for High School events
Black Powder events
High Power Rifle - 100 yards

Shotgun Trap & Skeet is antoher discipline.

Some kids will only shoot 4-H events through out life.
Others will start, CMP, NRA, STC, etc events and do it all when they have confidence.
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