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Originally Posted by andyman View Post
I know there used to be a couple members that posted somewhat regularly on the old forum. I am up here for college. (attending UAF) Make yourself known if you are a CMP-afficianado!!!
Lived in Anchorage from 1990-2000, before K-Mart, Wal-Mart etc. Diamond mall and Fred Myer was the only game in town.

Russian River used to be a blast, we would take the last ferry across and fish all night long, no crowds or combat fishing drama. Heard it's not the same anymore.

Used to be a Gun shop on Muldoon that we had some rather crude nick names because of their reputation. I do recall the best gun shows ever used to be at the Palmer and Wasilla High school IIRC.

I do miss it and possible career change make take me back in that direction.
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