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Default Last of the Cheap CMP Surplus Ammo - Sad

Maybe like some of you I came to this party late, but I am not ready to whine and complain about it. Sure it would have been really nice to get a lot more cheap surplus ammo, maybe the Garand's and Carbines were even cheaper a year ago or so when I got here, but I am thankful I did get here.

I have a gorgeous (to me) Garand and Carbine and some ammo for both... enough to hit the range for a year before reloading or buying, whichever.

What is the point of complaining about this inevitable situation, blaming CMP or the members of our CMP community who bought sooner/more.

When I hold my Garand or Carbine I am humbled by those who held it before me and I think of those young men (heros) who carried our Garandís and Carbineís into war but never had a chance to worry about what they were going to pay for surplus ammo.

This is not the end of the world, just a mere bump in the road. We are the lucky ones.
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