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Someone here probably remembers one of these gov't 'prescribed burns' within the last 10 years or so, that got out of hand, and endangered one of the science facilities to the extreme. Don't remember if it was JPL, or Los Alamos; it was somewhere out West.

I was quite surprised by the admission (although there might have been no denial); whether 'prescribed' by gov't local, or state, or Fed...

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Florida also does prescribed burns. We never call them controlled burns because 9 times out of 10, they get out of control.


I gotta' see it in like manner as CounterMeasure does here...

I venture that in fire response calls NOWADAYS more-so than ever, there are phone discussions to the Nth degree, along with signatures on paper (you know how long THAT takes), about whose re-election campaigns need help, before personnel or equipment gets dispatched, and from WHICH jurisdiction.

And I'm sure many at the lower levels took it upon themselves to 'act now, pay later', and did well (although they may pay dearly later).

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It always felt like there was more to the system than just having personnel and equipment, but some type of preference or pecking order. Which is wrong. People whose houses are in danger of total loss don't care whom dumps water or retardant on the fire near it, as long as it happens to save possibly all they own.

If such wildfires were in suburbs of DC, in which many Fed Legislators lived, would such a conflagration burned so much???
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