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Silent Rock...Glad to hear your home was spared from the fire. Every day I learn that someone I know or worked with having lost their home and hear more first hand recounts of what it was like to be in the path of this firestorm. I certainly don't have any "insider" knowledge of how everything went down from 10PM Sunday night and 10AM Monday morning or what could have been done differently or better. But I can say with certainty that you can't directly fight a firestorm such as we experienced that night. No amount of of fire engines/personnel would have prevented this fire from spreading how far and fast as it did. After the winds died down that morning more resources could have probably reduced the number of structures destroyed, but there were TEN fires going in Napa/Sonoma/Mendocino counties at the same time, that have now burned over 300 square miles. In this Sundays local paper there was a poignant story about a few of the volunteer fire companies who took some of the brunt of the fire storm http:/
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