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Originally Posted by Tiki Mon View Post
My 1943 Ithaca (RR slide) has a yellow 50 painted on the right side frame opposite the safety. I'll spend the rest of my life making sure it stays intact while cleaning it!

Sorta related, my 1943 Garand has a 54 stamped into the wood on the base of the grip, AND a Dymo 54 label stuck over the stamp. Seems like anything goes for rack numbers!
this is true - in the units I was in - we had dymo stickers on many weapons and I was in units that we had painted numbers on the grips and units that we didn't do that at all.

The larger the unit, the more you have to try to keep things in order.

Every day we did a number count - once a month, a designated officer (sometimes senior NCO) did a actual serial number inspection and count of everything in the arms room.
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