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Originally Posted by SaCCaL View Post
Do you have a suggestion for a beginner loader to purchase? Nothing too expensive right off the bat but that could be added to in the future. I wouldn't mind eventually loading other calibers I own such as .303, .223, and maybe even .40, .45, .357, and 12ga. Thanks.
I started in with an RCBS Jr single stage reloader,bought a 505 scale ,RCBS dies in 38 spec & 30-06 & case lube pad, then added an OHAUS DUO 7200 powder measure.You can find lots of reloading equipment on ebay,for bullets I used Hornaday 150gr fmjbt but now that Nosler has their own auction site where they auction 155gr & 168gr hollow point bt match 30 cal blem bullets occasionally it's an excellent source for bullets.Get a reloading guide such as Lyman,I also have Nosler ,Speer,Hornaday,Lee,NRA,Sierra,Load data,etc..I've been reloading since 1970:30-06,243,38spec,357mag,32-20,45-70,454casull,sw460mag,300wm,45colt,45acp & 41mag. I had a Dillon RL450 I upgraded to a Dillon RL550B.
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