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Originally Posted by GarandGrabber View Post
I keep hearing of these multitudes yet to be unpacked..I'm not buyin it..The last year some of the rifles have been showing up with parts on them that would indicate they are putting rifles together with what they have left..Don't ya think for National Match time they would have gotten a bunch together to showcase at Perry..I think the end is more near than most..Yes I know the Carbine story when they were out then a bunch showed up...but six months or so after that..the carbines really were gone...I'm just sayin..Oh and when is that mother load coming to the National Matches?? I say it's not happenin..Yes I know some ultra-important person has seen these warehouses full out west..hmm

last update i read said they were 16,000 or something orders behind on mail order. They don't have the time to stockpile put together rifles for the Matches. especially when people buy multiple rifles at the same time.

But even if they run out...i'm okay, I got mine
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