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Thx Snowbound. I will upload a link with a few photos. Not the best quality and lighting since it is gloomy here in Panhandle Florida right now. When I looked over it I did find a couple of minor things I did not notice. There was a minute ding on the lower front sight ring ( if that’s what you want to call it), rear broke sight screw that I removed (easy to replace) and a couple of dings, the butt plate had some wear at the top and bottom. Other than that, the stock has regular artificial marks from handling and the metal under the stock is in dark excellent condition as expect.

I did read every post that was available on the internet and did remove the butt plate to see if it had anything written or stamped to whom might have used it after the USMC got rid of them. It only had the number 62 stamped on the stock and butt plate.

Is there anything else should I look for or check out?


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