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I was there Friday at around 6:00 AM and was about 11th or 12th in line. Orderly line and good conversation with some guys from Illinois. Then the door opened. The line seemed to stay in numerical order until we got to the 03-A3 corner then at least two individuals took two rifles at a time and then passed one off to a friend on the other side of the M1-D rack. Also a young guy in front of me I think from Kentucky got cut off by folks way behind us inline. This was disgusting and I will partly blame CMP for not having a tag system like most deli counters have when we are only talking about 8 to 10 rifles. You should only be allowed to take one rifle to the desk at a time and able to buy one 03-A3 per year. I think I am finished going to the NS especially during the National Match's.
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