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I hope any "southerners" that are planning to attend are extremely well prepared and well versed for the anti-gun States of NJ & NY as you try to pass through. Preferable to take the preferred detour though PA.

NJ State Police are known to look for NRA stickers on vehicles passing over the Delaware Memorial Bridge into Woodstown, NJ. It seems those vehicles always have a brake light or license plate bulb not working, or "something" suspicious that requires the NJSP to pull over & advise the motorist. Once your pulled over, probable cause is a piece of cake to drum up and then check the vehicle.

None of you guys need to be pulled over like this with a half dozen or more firearms in the vehicle. Doesn't matter if they're fully legal, you'll be in a world of hurt, firearms confiscated and will need to lawyer up to get them back. You'll easily miss the match. This is not propaganda. I can only imagine what would happen if you're near the socialist part of NY (NY City).
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