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That's a great point. I would hate for anyone to not come to the New England Games for fear of being arrested for exercising a protected constitutional right. "Goo Gone" is great for removing potentially offensive pro-gun stickers.

There's the Firearms Owners Protection Act that states it is legal to travel through states with restrictive firearms laws as long as the firearm is legal to possess in both the the point of origin and the destination. This is of little consolation when you are "detained" in a state that thumbs it's nose at federal law. For example, Senator Charles Schumer of New York has stated, and I quote "Bring a gun to New York and we will arrest you."

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are freedom loving pro gun states, and they are pretty cool people, even if they are Yankees. Unfortunately, they are isolated from other free areas of the country by states where most residents believe that only the military, police, and the bodyguards of the elite should carry around firearms.
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