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Then there's our show...

Pompano Beach Vintage Arms & Militaria Show
Sept. 23-25 (Fri - Sun)
Pompano Beach Elk's Lodge- 700 NE 10th St. Pompano Bech or

Strictly Vietnam Era on back. No modern guns or accessories allowed. Please do not confuse us with the "other" gun show that takes place at the same location. We are very different and draw a serious collector crowd. Next month, we have two very special WWII veterans who will be signing autographs and taking pictures free of charge:
Carl Muscarello- The famous "kissing sailor" pictured on the cover Life Magazine August 1945 issue, kissing a random nurse in Times Square.
Lt. Col. Leo Gray- Of the 332nd fighter squadron (aka Tuskeegee Airmen)

Hope you guys can all make it. Come find me at the show and let me know you're from the CMP forum, would love to meet you all!
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